How to book

If you would like to book one of our apartments,

1. Send an email to check availability and price

(email address is written for each room)

2. Send an advance payment by PayPal or wire transfer

(advance payment is not refundable.

Sending fee must be borne by the sender.

50% of the total price for reservations less than two months away

30% of the total price for reservations more than two months away)

3. Receive confirmation email and a pdf file with directions to the house

4. Check in on the reserved date!

5. Send the remainder of the payment by PayPal, local bank transfer within two days after your arrival.

Note : If you do not feel comfortable booking through us personally, you can also choose to book our rooms through established reservation websites, instead, which will charge you around a service fee of 10%. If you would like this option, we can send you the link.